The Ngwana area also known as Ku Ngwana in Tji Kalanga language lays 26 kilometers north of Plumtree on the Tegwane--Matjinge road. The area has 3 distinct villages namely Dubani Village, Sibomvu Village and Mzwanyane Village all under Chief Kandana. Ngwana has been used as the central venue/place for sporting events that involve such schools and areas like Nyele,Tjehanga,Tokwana, Gwambe, Thekwane, Pumuza, Bezu and Matjinge.


Ngwana is also home to members of such cultural groups like Black Umfolosi,White Umfolosi and Tanga Pasi. Of course there are some other sons and daughters of this area who have grown up to be business leaders, church leaders, doctors, teachers and of course loving mums and dads.




Mission: The Banha Bengwana Development Trust is an initiative by the local people to address and deal with local development issues varying from issues varying from education, water and sanitation, health care, youth and women groups empowerment,local arts culture and heritage.


Vision: We have tasked ourselves with a vision that is mutlie -fold:

- School/Pre School: To have a fully functional , fully equipped school (books,furniture and other resources ) by 2020.

- Dam/Local Boreholes: To have repaired and fenced the local dam and to start scooping mud from the dam by 2020 and to repair all the boreholes there by providing access to clean water to the local community.

- Clinic and Health Care Education/Programs :- To refurbish the old local clinic/building and build a few more structures on the site by 2020 and have a fully functional clinic equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and staffed with at least two nurses.


The youth,women and churches programs as well as the arts and culture programs are ongoing and will keep being grown organically resources permitting.




-Formally constituting ourselves as an organisation looking at and addressing development issues in our area.

-Legally registering the trust

-So far we have sourced books, furniture, repaired furniture, sporting equipment, built an arts center, helped build a class room block,repaired the dam spillage way. bought fence for the dam and yes the list is long.

We view all this progress, as only a starting point of bigger challenges and work that awaits us.


With this spirit of development as something we have to initiate, vision and do hands on we feel confident that we will achieve most of the goals we have set ourselves.


Any external help will always be welcome. Our moto though is:




For more information, volunteering opportunities or to donate please contact us on:



Zimbabwe ; Mr Tjidzani Ngwenya (Ngwana / Bulawayo)

-Mr Z ndebele


South Africa: Mr Mortain Dube

Mr A Mvundla


UK / Europe : ikalanga@hotmail.com +4478597778755